Dissertation prospectus example

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The dissertation prospectus example is a 20-25 page document that gives a road map for the proposed dissertation, arguing for its feasibility and significance to the field. Below you will find essay writing services a template outlining the elements of a strong prospectus. Please be advised that one of the crucial ingredients of a successful prospectus is a willingness to collaborate with and seek regular feedback from your dissertation director and members of your committee.

I. Introduction

At a minimum, the introduction must include a statement of the question animating the proposed dissertation. The question posed must be one that has no longer but been answered or has been answered inadequately, that can be answered, and that deserves a dissertation-length response. The introduction need to additionally consist of a thesis statement that immediately responds to the query posed, is clear and concise, advances the field, and orients and drives the structure of the dissertation.

II. State of the Question/Literature Review

This section situates the proposed dissertation prospectus example within the context of contemporary scholarship on point. In this section, you need to evaluation and significantly check procedures to the query you pose above, identifying trends, patterns, or principal subject matters and evaluating the deserves and limitations of current scholarship. In this section, too, please commentary on the techniques in which your very personal proposed response to the question develops, challenges, departs from, or fills in the gaps of present scholarship.

III. Primary Sources

In this section, you must identify the primary sources upon which you intend to rely for your dissertation prospectus example. You must talk about the place and accessibility of these sources, display your ability to use these sources in their unique languages, and severely assess (where applicable) posted versions of such primary sources.

IV. Method

In this section, you must articulate a methodological approach to the sources that inform your dissertation project. The methodological strategy ought to be splendid to each the types of sources upon which you will be relying as properly as your proposed thesis. You need to also consider the approaches in which your methodological strategy to the query compares to, contrasts with, or otherwise relates to the processes of current scholarship on your topic.

V. Chapter outline

In this section, you must provide a tentative outline of the chapters that will constitute your dissertation. Chapters should be arranged in such a way that demonstrates a logical and progressive argument in defense of your thesis.

VI. Bibliography

The bibliography consists of two sections—one for primary sources and one for secondary scholarship. All entries must be formatted in proper Chicago style.