How long does it take to write a dissertation?

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The dissertation is an independent scientific work, which must be written and defended to obtain the title of candidate of science or doctor of science.

The dissertation must be written on the current topic and have a scientific novelty, that is, the author must have certain innovative ideas in the field of study and want to bring them to the public. It is important to know how long does it take to write a dissertation.

Usually, a base for a future dissertation is prepared from another 2-3 years of higher education A student fascinated by his future specialty chooses topics of interest to him for a term paper, then develops it and writes a dissertation on the basis of several works. Writing a dissertation is hard work that not everyone can do; therefore, many students believe that a dissertation to order is an ideal choice.

How long does it take to write a dissertation?

It is difficult to argue unequivocally. How long it takes to write a work, it depends on many factors:

  • available developments of the dissertation, that is, whether he begins to develop a theme from scratch or has already studied it before, wrote other works;
  • availability of time, because someone has the opportunity to work on dissertation for days. And someone is able to spend several hours a week on this;
  • the presence of an intelligent supervisor who will direct, tell you which direction to go;
  • the living conditions of a person who decided to write a dissertation, because if there is an opportunity to retire and work quietly, the result will be different from when children constantly make noise in the house or make repairs to annoying neighbors;

Many who have already completed writing and defending a dissertation call the terms from 2 to 5 years from the beginning of work on the dissertation to the moment of its successful defense. Two years, rather, a period for which you can write a good job, if you have enough time and the ability to maintain your own interest. In all other cases, the time increases. Naturally, this is not the time of writing the text; this includes the study of literature, and the preparation of materials, conducting experiments, writing the work, the abstract. Obviously, this is a difficult and hard work, so if you have some groundwork.

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